Amber Rose Confirms Relationship Status With Gun Kelly



Amber Rose is currently promoting a new book she’s releasing, “How To Be A Bad Bitch,” and hit up Power 106 in L.A. for a radio interview which focuses on the new book, her son, her new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and more.

Amber Rose speaks on how she’s trying to keep her son with Wiz Khalifa, Bash, out of the spotlight by no longer posting his photo on Instagram. However, if you follow Wiz on the social media platform, you know Wiz loves to post pictures with his son. So obviously this effort is a bit one-sided. “I don’t post his pictures on social media, and I’m trying to get the rest of his family to get on board with me, but they don’t want too,” she says.

“It got to the point where I would see headlines and it would have my son’s picture in the middle of me and his father– and it was negative, and it was a picture I posted on Instagram,” she added.

She goes on to confirm she is dating MGK, “Yes,” she replies when asked directly. “We’re dating. We’re just getting to know each other. He’s a really nice guy, he treats me really, really nice. I have a blast with him.”

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