PLEASE HELP: My Boyfriend Asked Me To Drop Out Of School ‘cos I Wore a Short Dress on My Birthday


sad-black-woman00x199Dear Readers,

I’m having a lot of challenges in my relationship now.

I met a guy after my secondary school and he has been helping me in my university but the conditions he gave me are unbearable. I should not make male friends, no bb pin apart from his own, no wearing of sleeveless cloth, I should not enter bike with a guy or sit at the middle in order for my breast not to touch anybody.

Now he said I should drop out from school because I wore short dress on my birthday. I met a guy recently and I told him everything about me, he is ready to help me but he said he will do that if only the first guy will leave me because he is not ready to be washing car and another man will be riding it. I don’t know how to tell him to leave me since he has been the one taking care of me from my first year.

Should I tell him or should I leave both of them and look for something to be doing before is time to pay school fees? I don’t think I will quit school at this dying minute when my storm is about to be over. Please I need help and advice. Thanks

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