10 reasons ‘Everybody Loves Ice Prince’



Panshak Zamani, better known as Ice Prince, named his debut album Everybody Loves Ice Prince because, according to his BellaNaija interview, he was shown so much love and care from all around the world when he lost his mum. And it was after the sad incident he “came back to record his album” and could think of no better name to give his album.

The love this brother gets now is far beyond pity for an upcoming star and his late mum. He has earned so much more love from fans home and abroad through distinct qualities and unmatched talent.
Versatile Ice Prince is blessed with a great deal of lovable qualities that gives everybody around him – fans, family, colleagues and friends– no other choice than to love him. Yomi-Alliyu Oludami takes a look at 10 of the best things about him.

1. He’s multifaceted.
Ice is “a musician that raps, who can do as many things as God has blessed his voice to do”. Self-proclaimed, but not necessarily untrue. This is evident in the way he shuffles excellently between genres of music, and other aspects of entertainment; the disparity between tracks in his albums, and the way he plays his movie roles. You need to see the movie ‘House of Gold’ if you haven’t!

2. He reps Naija proudly.
Nigerians home and abroad are proud of Ice Prince. He has made showcasing Nigeria to the whole world is one of his priorities. He recently disclosed during an exclusive cocktail event hosted in his honour at the BlackHouse Media Lounge in Ikeja, Lagos, that he’s “…not trying to become an American artiste nor am I trying to blow in America. I am a Nigerian artiste that is exporting Nigerian music. Any chance that I get, I will export Nigerian music.” This he surely does well with the calibre of international stars he’s been getting into the studio with recently.

3. He’s a dreamer.
Though not one that merely dreams and never wakes to pursue his dreams. He aims to get bigger in the industry, and take the whole world by storm. Even when things were so tough, he stuck with his goals and made his choices carefully. After the painful demise of his parents, schooling was hard and Panshak had to drop out of school in his 100Level to focus on his music. The rest, is history.

4. He’s loyal.
The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.” – Zig Ziglar. This is absolutely true of Ice Prince. He’s one of the most loyal artists ever seen. He doesn’t forget his roots and those who were ever there for him – and he declares his loyalty unabashedly at every opportunity. This is one of the reasons he moves fast up the ladder of success in his career. In his BN interview, he said this about M.I: “He is my brother, he is my friend, my mentor. He is someone that if 200 people tell me no and MI tells me yes, I would do the yes. That is how loyal I am to him, that is how I respect him…”
About Djinee, he said: “Djinee is like my Jesus. He came through for us…,” and about Jesse Jagz, “Jesse is my best friend. Jesse is the guy that understands me the most…”
Little wonder he still remains in Chocolate City!

5. He’s an entertainer.
This is also a result of his versatility. Ice has a number of top-notch and successful performances to his credit. The usual way the crowd goes crazy when they watch him perform and the way fans rave about his performance – and the extent his fans go to when showing their love for him – are proof.

mo'cheddahAssociated Press

6. He has a competitive and daring spirit.
Competing with the likes of Bez, Mo’cheddah(pictured above), Blaise, and Jimmy Flames on such platform as the Hennessy Artistry way back in 2009, and actually coming out first, is an impressive feat for Ice Prince. This – and other competitions – and the way Ice runs his music business reveals his daring attitude towards the industry. He knows what he wants and goes great lengths to get it.

7. He knows how best to exploit opportunities.
Read Ice Zamani’s story and you’d agree more on this. He identifies great opportunity when he sees it. And he knows how best to go for it. Hard work, patience, consistency, prayers, and maybe good luck, always ensure these opportunities never pass him by. Let’s just say Ice Prince knows his way around the Naija music industry. He has also courts the spotlight with high-profile romances.

8. He doesn’t play perfect. Not a strategy.
This dude is for real. His road to fame wasn’t all rosy and smooth, and he never hides or pretends he had no unpleasant stories. He worked hard and,, he deserves whatever he gets today. He even revealed that the first small money he made was spent “to buy some new jeans and shoes so that girls would, you know, say hi to {him} when they see {him}”.

9. He doesn’t joke with family and friends.
Since their parents’ demise, Zamani and his siblings (sisters) are all they family each other has. He’s always there for them and he never lacks their love and support – and prayers.Ice has his good time with his friends and ‘brothers’ in the music industry. They give each other unflinching love and loyalty.

10. He knows his stuff and excels in it!
Everything boils down to this. In a niche so competitive and full of ‘creative’ rivalry, the international award-winning Panshak Ice Prince Zamani has been able to forge a name for himself and shake the industry to its roots. And even the ‘big boys’ get dusted off. Ice Prince is here to stay, and for years to come, his “sky’s gonna remain sunny”!

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