What can I do to make my girlfriend of 10 years leave?


Black-sad-manI’ve been dating my girlfriend for 10years and she is now 32, I’m 34. The thing is, I know deep in my heart I can never marry her. I knew that 2 years ago. But I have done all I can to make her leave inthe past 2 years yet she won’t leave. I have cheated, beat her, not called for weeks, still yet she is always forgiving me. I have even set her up with men but she would always tell them how she loves her boyfriend of years. I’ve been dating another girl for the past 2 years and I want to propose but my stubborn girlfriend I don’t love doesn’t want to make way.my girlfriend who I want to marry is getting tired of waiting for me to breakup with this one I even went as far as telling her maybe we should spend some time apart.She just laughed and said we are one in spirit so that doesn’t make sense . I am fed up. What can I do to make a woman get tired and leave ? This is urgent and I need answers before I go crazy.Is it by force to love again? I’m pissed off

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