Why I Married Another Woman’s Husband –– Foluke Daramola


Busty actress, Foluke Daramola has finally broke her silence over the lingering controversy about her moves that collapsed the marriage of a female pastor in Redeemed Church, Pastor Olubunmi, and even went ahead to get married to the woman’s husband, Kayode Salako.

Foluke said she doesn’t give a damn about what anybody says. Below is her position:

Are you separated or divorced?
I’m naturally divorced because it is over four years since I left him. But the paper work is not yet done.

Let’s talk on your marriage to Kayode. How did you feel?
Of course, I felt good. I am happy in my marriage.

But people said you snatched somebody’s husband?
I did not snatch anybody’s husband. I never asked her to pack out of her husband’s house. Moreover, I did not meet her at home when I married Kayode.

But, when you were dating him, you knew he was married?
I knew.

But you still went ahead to marry him?
That is between him and me.

Your friend, Princess Fajuyi Bukola claimed you used charm to snatch Kayode from his wife. What would you say to that?
See, I don’t have anything to say to that, she can go ahead and say whatever she likes.

But the story is all over the town, she even claimed she took you to the man?
That is her problem. Why is she just saying it now? I don’t have anything to say to that. All I know is now I am happy in my marriage.

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