”I have only 8 weeks to survive” – OJB Jezreel



In a recent interview with Encomium we found out that things are not looking Good with Ojb Jezreel at all.

Pls remeber his account details are: Babatunde Okungbowa. UBA – 1015075120. He says he has about 8 weeks to stay alive except he undergoes the operation.

What is the state of your health?

The state where we are is the state we actually need a transplant. When early diagnosis was done it was just a case of Renal Infection. Right now, the two kidneys are gone,but we a running dialysis at the moment.

When did you observe that you have this illness?

It was two years ago, but it was not depreciated to this level. Then it was a gradual process. it was just like a doctor’s prescription to control your blood pressure level. we did all that , but having off and on experience until it got to this stage.

What would you attribute to this ailment?

Most time people tend to atribute kidney problem to drunkenness or smoking. I was told that it doesn’t have anything to do with that, because as much as i drink and smoke then, it was casual drinking. maybe, they offer you a bottle of drink and all that, not that i have to drink 15 bottles or drink all through the day.

How much do you need for a transplant?

For transplant itself, it varies, because the procedure is $25000. The whole process of the treatment from pre-process,transplanting and post-transplanting will cost about $100,000. I(n two years i have spent up to five million which i have been trying to maintain myself. that is why it has been kept secret.
When are you going for the transplant?

God willing, i have like 8 to 10 weeks more to get it done. It’s strange, i still walk around a little. I can’t eat much again, N20 rice is even enough. I trust God and Nigerians for their financial assistance.

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