I Have A Man I’m Enjoying But Marriage May Not Be For Me ~ Actress Funke Adesiyan


ACTRESS Funke Adesiyna

Busty and beautiful actress, Funke Adesiyan may not be one of the most celebrated in the movie world but she sure belongs to the league of the most talked about and especially in a controversial manner…

In this chat with The Entertainer, she opened up on a couple of interesting issues. Among the issues are her breast implant tale, her romance with a socialite and why she feels it’s not compulsory to get married.

Tell us about the story that was all over town that you did breast implant… 
I wouldn’t know where and why the story was all over. Maybe we need to ask those who started it.

Could be it that you dressed in a way that made your boobs look bigger or something?
I would not know, but I guess I dress appropriately. I am not expected to wear Iro and Buba to a night club, so I don’t know where the story came from. I don’t know why people enjoy putting others down and I think we should cultivate the habit of celebrating ourselves. We should celebrate good things in other people and stop digging what is not meant to be dug.

I try to live my normal life. I try to remain myself . I try not to let my freedom be taken away from me. If I feel like eating Amala at a buketaria, I walk in and I eat. One million people could stare at me and that is because they want to stare; what I want to do is eat. If I feel like buying corn on the roadside, I park and I buy. I try as much as possible not to let fame get into my head and I try to live a normal life.

Are you not thinking of marriage at your age?
Like I have always said and believed, marriage is not a must for me. Everybody wants to get married but everybody is not meant to be married. There are people who are not meant to be married but they forced themselves into marriage , because a brother or sister is married. You discover that you opt out in a few months and divorced. Why did you get married in the first place knowing you are not meant to be married? Firstly, I think you should understand your nature. That said, I wouldn’t say expect the marriage by next week or next year and it also does not mean I can not call you in the evening that I am not married. What’s most important is finding a great person. You could fall in love with the person but it’s about finding someone that you are compatible with , someone you could cohabitate together, someone you could stay with and be happy together.

Are you searching for the right person?
I am not searching for the right person, I am in a relationship with a great man. It does not mean that we will be married tomorrow or we cannot get married today. That is not what matters to me. Marriage is the last thing, what matters is being happy together. He’s happy with me and I am happy with him, so, that’s fantastic and fine.

For how long would you want to have the cards open?
Forever! I think one should live a life of being open. I think life is too short to say I am going to love you forever when you don’t know what happens tomorrow. Why don’t you leave it open?

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