RainyMilli – Almost Ready [Tha Mixtape]



One year back, Daniel Damilola Nejo a.k.a RainyMilli released a mixtape titled “Not Yet Ready” and fast forward to 2013 as he rounds up his studies in Ajayi Crowther University,here is another mixtape album from him titled “Almost Ready” .
This mixtape contains different Genres of songs ranging from Hip-Hop,Afro-HipHop to DanceHall.
RainyMilli is a brilliant,smooth and intelligent rapper,his style of rap is very “dope” and very easy to relate to and understand!

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01- My life —- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fl2&dtype=1

02- Music Or Nothing ——– http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fl4&dtype=1

03- No Worries—- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fl6&dtype=1

04- Mo Ka La Gba Wire—– http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fl7&dtype=1

05- Idirapata —– http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fla&dtype=1

06- Mecry—- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flb&dtype=1

07- Iphone Freestyle —- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fld&dtype=1

08- Theraflu —- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fle&dtype=1

09- No Play For Malay—- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fli&dtype=1

10- Naira Makes Her Dance—- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flh&dtype=1

11- Uku Uku   ——- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flk&dtype=1

12- Wasilemi —— http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=fll&dtype=1

13- Animashaun —- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flp&dtype=1

14- Bye Freestyle ———— http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flo&dtype=1

Lay It On Me (Bonus)——- http://kasimp3.co.za/song.php?id=flr&dtype=1

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